2016 Blood Bowl 2 World Cup

Event Schedule

The 2016 Blood Bowl 2 World Cup, hosted by Focus Home Interactive, will consist of two (2) stages, the Qualifying stage and the Finals stage. The Qualifying stage will be hosted by numerous community leagues and all of these league combined will promote a total of 64 coaches to participate in the Finals stage. The Qualifying stage will begin sometime in January of 2016.

All matches during the qualifying stage will be given a time frame of 1 week to schedule and play their weekly matches. This is a strict schedule and ALL MATCHES are expected to be played. Barring emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, we don't want any administrated matches during this tournament. All times will be in accordance with the GOBBLN League Time Zone (US Eastern Time Zone). In other words, all coaches need to have availability to schedule and play matches during the peak evenings hours of that time zone. All matches will use a 4 minute turn length for the match.

TV Requirements

All teams will begin the GOBBLN Qualifying stage with new teams that have not played any previous matches.

Application Process

Please post in the in the sign-up sub-forum area of the World Cup section of the forums. Or Here.

Event Policies

  • All standard GOBBLN Policies apply, which can be found here. The specific GOBBLN policies for this tournament will also be listed below as well.
  • Aging is turned on.
  • Stadium upgrades and perks are allowed to be purchased and used for the purpose of this tournament.

  • Tournament Qualifying Stage Format

    GOBBLN will use a group stage and then playoffs stage format that will follow the normal league play format that all of our leagues uses and is listed below. Once the group stage is complete, an elimination style playoff format will follow to determine the winners of the tickets from GOBBLN.

  • Round Robin where each team will get 10 matches.
  • New teams only at this stage with no allowing of restarting teams.
  • Divisions of 6 teams randomly assigned, with as much race diversity as possible.
  • Play a 5 week schedule where you play each opponent once.
  • Perform a mid-season flip where the same 6 teams in a division stay in the same division (restart the competition).
  • Play a second 5 week schedule where you play each opponent once.
  • Teams will achieve points based on the results of each of their matches using the point scale below:
  • Points are assigned as follows: Win = 3 points; Draw = 1 point; Loss = 0 points.
  • Single Elimination Playoff Stage

    This stage will run as a single elimination style tournament to determine the final winners of the tickets. The format and rules are listed below:

  • The top 2 teams from each division based on total points will qualify.
  • Use the same teams from the qualifying rounds (do not start with new teams).
  • We will add Wild Card teams as needed to round out the numbers for an evenly distributed tournament bracket where there are no byes and every team would play the same amount of games to earn a ticket.
  • Wild Card teams will be those teams that have the highest total points; with the use of tie-breaker rules as listed below.
  • The tournament will only play down to the round where everyone qualifies (ie if we get 2 tickets, then the Championship match would not need to be played since both coaches would qualify for the tickets; if we get 3 tickets, then the same holds true for the Championship round, but the last ticket would then be played for by the 2 teams that lost in the semi-finals).
  • The last round of the tournament where the winners of that round will obtain the tickets for the World Cup Finals will be a best 2 out of 3 for each match played during that round.
  • Tie-Breaker Rules

  • Wins.
  • Head-to-Head (in the case of 2 teams being tied and if applicable).
  • TD Differential + CAS Differential (in the case of 3+ teams being tied).
  • Dice Roll using dicelog.com so the log and roll can be verified.
  • GOBBLN Specific Rules or Staying Within GOBBLN After the Tournament is Completed

  • All new coaches to GOBBLN will be required to read our Community specific rules and behavior requirements for playing within any of our leagues and sponsored tournaments; including, but not limited to concessions, scheduling policies, exploiting of bugs, intentional disconnects, etc.
  • Any coach that hadn't participated in GOBBLN before will obtain full eligibility in all GOBBLN leagues after completion of the WC tournament without fulfilling the necessary requirement of playing through a season in the Proving Grounds.
  • Any team used in this qualifier will retain eligibility in the GOBBLN leagues and can join in GOBBLN Open, The Stomping Fields, or Premier in future seasons. If you plan to use this team in future GOBBLN leagues, then you must follow the 1 race rule once the tournament is complete. You can keep your original race while playing this race through the WC tournament and can then choose whether to keep this team or your original team.
  • Seeding the Elimination Rounds

    The seeding for the elimination portion of the tournament will be done based strictly off of finishing order amongst all Qualifying stage divisions. This will be completed based off of the tie-breaker rules listed above. It will use a basic and normal tournament seeding bracket (example: 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5).

    General League Policies for the World Cup

    Missed/Unplayed Matches

    In the event that a match is not able to be played, the match will be given a result of 1-1 if neither party was at fault and available. (Available means that a coach provides at minimum 2 or more time slots to play during regular weekday evening (6pm – 10pm eastern) or Weekend (9am – 10pm eastern) time slots for kick off (at least one of which must be during a weekday evening) and has attempted to schedule their match in good faith in the appropriate thread during the first 3 days after a week has flipped. If one party was not available during allotted time slots, the result will be 2-0 in favor of the party who was available. Coaches identified as trying to circumvent or manipulate the availability rules will be placed on the GOBBLN watch list. (And will be handled by the Overlords, with spiky GOBBLN gloves) All attempts should be made to play a match to completion. Should a coach schedule a match and miss the scheduled time without warning, he/she will forfeit the match. Coaches that regularly miss scheduled matches will be expelled from the GOBBLN Horde and added to the black list.

    Unintentional Disconnects

    Any match that disconnects due to unforeseen circumstances within the first 8 turns of play, will be replayed completely fresh from the beginning. If the match disconnected during the second half of 8 turns of play and both coaches agree to replay the game, then you may either start completely fresh or "recreate" the game up to the point of the disconnect in order to keep it as fair as possible. In the instance where one coach wishes to replay a game and the other coach wishes to stick with the score prior to the drop, the GOBBLN Overlords will make the decision on whether or not the match should be replayed or administered to the actual score at the time of the disconnect. (A good rule of thumb to use as a judge on this, is that if the difference in score is 2+ with only 1 turn left, then the game would most likely be administered. If there was still a chance that a coach could score and tie the game or take the lead with turns remaining, then the most likely result would be to replay the match). Any difficulty or disconnects must be posted in your weekly game schedule thread and a PM sent to the Overlord group.

    Intentional Disconnects

    Intentionally disconnecting/or abandoning the match for any reason is grounds for being added to the GOBBLN watch list as well as dismissal from the league. Pleading for mercy like a spineless coward is worthy of shame and ridicule, but totally acceptable. If at the START OF A DRIVE you can only field 3 players, you may inform your opponent that you are conceding the match and it will not be held against you by the Overlords. Conceding a match via the "Concede Match" button within the game will mean your opponent receives your MVP and winnings (though you will keep your other accumulated SPPs for the match). Therefore the suggested method of doing this is to lie perfectly still on the ground and do nothing while the turns end out. If you do start a drive, you must play it out till the end of the drive. Furthermore if more of your players recover and on a subsequent drive you can field 4 or more players you must carry on (you have missed your chance).

    Extended Unexplained Unavailability

    This clause will not be acceptable or tolerated within this tournament structure. This is a big tournament and a big deal. We want everyone that signs-up to be held accountable for their matches. In other words, if you cannot commit to being available for the duration of this tournament (both stages), then do not commit to it.


  • Honor Nuffle. While Nuffle (the dice) can affect your game your opponent is not to be blamed or ridiculed for your misfortune or bad choices. While good-natured ribbing and kibitzing is encouraged please be a sportsman and remember that your opponent should be hammered on the field but not made to feel belittled. Coaches feeling belittled should acknowledge to their opponent that they are uncomfortable with the level/direction of the communication and ask them to refrain. If you do not say anything, then how are they to know that they have crossed a line.
  • Enjoy the game and the community that is why we are here.
  • Provide opponents your availability for the upcoming period within 2 days of the "league week" advancing.
  • Post your attempts to coordinate a match in the designated forum thread (you may communicate through other channels, but you must post the planned match time and/or confirm the appointment so the Overlords can determine what commitments and efforts were made).
  • Be respectful in game and on forums. Avoid turning disputes into inflammatory public posts.
  • Notify an admin of any issues with another coach including poor availability or unsportsmanlike behavior/conversation (turn 16 fouling or repeated fouling is not unsportsmanlike). This is primarily so we can notice recurring behavior not take immediate action. Isolated incidents will generally be treated as such.
  • Do not intentionally disconnect or concede a match mid-game unless you meet the criteria for forfeit as outlined above.
  • Finish participating in this event if you enter. If your team loses 4 positionals due to death during their first match...it sucks, but you are expected to fight through and show how good of a coach that you are by still qualifying. This is GOBBLN and we expect our coaches to be better than others! Exceptions will be approved by GOBBLN Overlords under extreme circumstances (illness of a family member, etc.)
  • Check the forums regularly (minimum once per week) unless you have posted in the absence thread. Read all announcements in the "News" page of the website at least once per week.
  • Name your players. We realize not everyone is creative, or wants to spend more than 2 seconds on this; just change a letter or two from the computer generated one please. The reason is to prevent players of the same name showing up in the league leaders down the road. Plus, team fluff really helps build community and is important.
  • Contribute to the League by doing more than just playing the match.
  • Invite others that you come across that seem enjoyable to join GOBBLN.
  • Jump on our TeamSpeak server if you have a microphone and chat with others in the community...either while playing Blood Bowl, another game, or just to chat and visit!

  • In-Game Bugs

    General Bug Statement

    The game isn't perfect by any means, but please try to avoid taking advantage of any bugs that you are aware of, do your best to avoid or mitigate the effects of any bugs that do turn up. We will consider forcing game resets if warranted.

    The recurring Apothecary bug (if you have used your Apo already in the game and the bug happens where you can use it again and again; don't use it a 2nd time). If you happen to accidentally use it the second time, then please select the original result regardless of the apo'd result. If you purchased a 2nd apo in the inducement phase, then this is okay to use.

    429 ReRolls; this has been confirmed to be just a graphical error. There is nothing to worry about here.

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