Underworld Confrontation Specific Policies

Team Eligibility

New teams from existing members of BBATTL Leagues only

Race Restrictions

Only teams of the following races may participate in the tournament:
* Vampires
* Humans
* Norse (Human and Werewolves working together)
* Necromantic (Werewolves and bitten humans that never quite transformed to a vampire or werewolf, but into something else, as their teammates)
One special point of note; if playing a Norse or Necro team, it is REQUIRED that you have the maximum number of Werewolves on your starting roster as allowed; to adhere to the fluff of the story (there are 2 Werewolf pieces on each team); and also a Vampire team must have a minimum of 3 Vampires on their starting roster as well.

Team Limitations

Team limits are as follows: Divisions of 4, with 1 team from each allowed race to face off in the epic struggle within each division. Ideally, I would love to get 16 teams, which would get 4 divisions and 4 teams from each allowed race, but will run with just 8 or 12 teams if need be. Race choices are on a first come first serve basis. We will judge the start of the tourney based on how the races and entries are shaping up.

Divisional Assignments

Divisional alignment will be focused on teams time-zone as appropriate, but know that you may play time-zones of a larger difference.

Turn Times

Turn times will be 2 minute turns to help signify the hectic nature of this brutal war as it wages.


Standard (i.e. "classic") inducements are used.

Qualifying Rounds

The Qualifying round will consist of a Round-Robin format. Qualifying round tie-breakers are (since war is heavy in the background of this tourney, then deaths and kills will be prevalent in deciding tie-breakers, since there are a lot of deaths and dis-abling casualties in war) and to follow this kills and casualties will be counted from the following players:
Norse – 2 Werewolves
Necro – 2 Werewolves
Vamp – 2 designated Vampires
Human – 2 designated Blitzers


The Elimination round will run as follows: (8 team tourney - top 1 from each division, plus 2 next highest overall records, consisting of only 1 of the races; 12 team tourney - top 1 from each division, plus 1 next highest overall record; 16 team tourney - top 1 from each division, plus 4 next highest overall records/1 from each race. (example on 8 or 16 team tourney for the wild-card teams - it would be the top record for a team from each race; there can be only 1 team from a race in the wild-card spot; in other words, if the top 2 wildcards are both of the same race then only 1 of them can make it...the top 1, and then the next best team from a race that is not represented as a wild-card team to that point would be selected). This will be done to allow for the widest representation of races in the playoffs.

Playoff Seeding

This will natural tournament seeding: ie, 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5

All Tie-Breakers

1 - Total Team Kills caused by any means (block, blitz, foul, crowd surf, failed dodge, etc)
2 - Total Team Casualties caused by any means (block, blitz, foul, crowd surf, failed dodge, etc)
3 - Wins
4 - TD Difference
5 - Head-to-Head (if applicable)
6 - Dice Roll


1st - $100,000
2nd - $50,000


1st - 80 Pts
2nd - 40 Pts
Losing Semi-Finalists - 20 Pts

Additional Notes

In addition to the above rules, The runner-up or loser must post something witty in their signature across all BBATTL forums that promotes the winning team/coach/race for dominating the war and to help the losing team show their "sublimation" to the winner. The statement must be displayed for a minimum of 3 months, or longer if you so choose. This statement will be supplied by the tourney director soon.
A Championship banner for the champion with be handed out as well.
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