You are free to seek the sponsorship of any appropriately themed sponsor in the blood bowl universe. It can be a traditional sponsor such as Nurgle King, or one you've come up with on your own that has some thematic tie-in. The previous three sponsors are still theoretically available as a sponsor, but the benefits they provided are now available to all through the spending of Iron Deathmarks. Our sponsorship gallery should help you find an appropriate one or facilitate you inventing one of your own sponsors.

Corporate sponsors like their teams getting lots of press as it increases the corporations exposure. The more exposure your team gets for their sponsor the more funds the sponsor will provide your team to use at their discretion.

The basics to earn sponsorship funds require you do the following:

**I say the majority of them to give you time to track down or create the imagery, but feel free to steal straight from the gallery if one is available already. If you need help let me know and I'll see what can be done.

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