Specialists & Exhibition Match Add-ons

Overall Details

There are several details or rules that need to be known when utilizing any of these pre-season add-ons:

  1. If you need to forfeit the match you must kick to start the game (So that you can concede after your turn 16 ends but before the game ends).
  2. Injuries Can Happen, no resets will be given to offset these. You may use Apoths and Igors at your discretion.
  3. You have at most, 16 turns to achieve any goal in the description.
  4. Weather and Kickoff Events Can Ruin Your Plans!
  5. If it says "rookie is allowed to reach 6 SPPs", you do not need to designate the rookie in advance; but only one player may accumulate SPPs in the process and you may only accumulate enough to reach 6 SPPs (so 2 TDs if the player is on zero, but you will need to make some completions if the player has 1 or 2 SPPs).
  6. Any designated rookies must still be able to take at least one of the listed skills on a normal skill roll.
  7. If someone other than the designated rookie ends up with the ball in their hands, you may hand it off or throw it to an empty square (left alt key) but you may not attempt a completion; doing so will result in the training specialist leaving early (you forfeit).


  1. Catching Specialist - 10,000 DMS: one rookie is allowed to reach 6 SPPs and must take either Catch, Diving Catch, Pass Block or Nerves of Steel.
  2. Kicking Specialist - 10,000 DMS: one rookie is allowed to reach 6 SPPs and must take Kick.
  3. Fouling Specialist - 20,000 DMS: one rookie player is allowed to reach 6 SPPs and must take either dirty player or sneaky git.
  4. Passing Specialist - 30,000 DMS: (As Before From Sponsorship). Spend 16 turns attempting to pass the ball as often as you like between any players that lack pass or catch skills. No re-rolls allowed. Any skill ups earned are unrestricted.
  5. Speed Specialist - 30,000 DMS: one rookie is allowed to reach 6 SPPs and must take either Sprint, Sure Feet, Kick Off Return, Shadowing, Jump Up or +MV.
  6. Fundamentals Specialist - 100,000 DMS: for a Veteran 100,000 DMs – one non-rookie is allowed to score a TD and complete one pass. Any resulting skill up is unrestricted.

Exhibition Games

  1. Snotling Crush Match - 20,000 DMS: (As Before, Old Morg) 8 Snotlings are lined up on the LOS with a space directly between each of them. Directly opposite each snotling you may line up one player. Each of those 8 players will get one hit to try put the opposing snot on the pitch for the possible CAS. Piling on CANNOT be used; no assists allowed; no blitzes allowed; no re-rolls allowed. You may use your apoth on the chance that you spike your own player and cause a CAS on them. This will happen twice in the game; once on turn 1 and once on turn 9...both at that start of each half. If all 11 players end up getting CAS'd, then the match is done. After each turn, both teams will hit end turn until the half is over. At the end of turn 9 a forfeit of the game will be done according to the previous seasons team results (the purchasing coach will forfeit the game if he made the playoffs the season before or that coach will be forfeited too if that coach did not make the playoffs in the season before).

  2. The Travelling Amazon All-Stars - 40,000 DMS: Play a full match with a ruthless amazon team. The team will be approximately 13 players, 3 RRs, apoth and a team value approximately 350 less than yours. They will try to hurt you and they can take inducements, but they will not use a wizard or a star player (i.e. bribes, re-rolls, babes and apoths only). The Amazon All Stars will be coached by a team that will take special joy in trying to hurt you. While your team is entitled to any SPPs earned in this match, you must donate any money earned to charity. After participating in this match you are still entitled to your regular training camp "drop game".

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