General League Policies (not including Premier)

Team Eligibility

The Stomping Fields There will be no minimum cap to enter TSF and the maximum cap will be 1650, or the highest team advancing from the previous PG season, whichever is higher. There will be no restrictions to what can be purchased after the first week of the season is completed, unless specifically stated by an OL. However, it should be noted that any team OVER the MAXIMUM TV before the season starts IS REQUIRED to check with the OL's before doing any cutting of the roster or extras to meet that maximum TV value. The OL's will use their veto powers if necessary to keep an overly powered team from cutting to make the requirements and then boosting their team back up to 1800+ after the first week. One general rule to follow is that if you have multiple players level 5 or higher, you most likely won't be allowed into TSF with that current team set. This will help to ensure some level of fairness to lower level teams in this league; we do not want the TVs in TSF to look like Premier after 2 or 3 weeks. However, with that said, any coach that is planning on joining this league, will do so with the knowledge that they can and most likely will be playing against 1600+ teams after week 1.

The Proving Grounds Only new teams to GOBBLN. All new coaches to the league must play a full season in this league before gaining eligibility for any other GOBBLN hosted league.

Race Restrictions

None. Coaches should generally refrain from duplicating the race they are playing in the Premier League, but we will consider allowing it after discussion of intent.

Coach Priority

All divisions will be built for 6 teams as much as possible to ensure a 10 game season. In the event that we don't have a set number of coaches to maintain and even number of divisions at 6, we will manipulate the schedule so that each league gets the same number of matches that the current Premier season is running in. If, at the start of the season, there is an odd number of coaches and we have to leave a coach out at the start; we will follow these guidelines: 1st Priority will be given to coaches that do not currently have a Premier League team. After that priority will generally be given based on order of registration; however the Overlords will use their discretion to award special consideration for members who have provided a significant contribution to the league and/or consider a coach's history of availability and sportsmanship in previous seasons of playing in the league.

Combined Standings

While divisions will nominally exist in the sense of being required to make schedules, all divisions will be considered combined for the purpose of determining the standings.


At the end of the season the teams will be ordered according to their records as upload to BBM. The size of the playoffs is entirely dependent on the size of the league. There will be a quick elimination round playoff structure in place for both leagues. Approximately just less than half of the participating teams will make the playoffs. Tie-breakers will be as follows:
1) Head-to-Head
2) Wins
3) TD Differential + .5 CAS Differential
4) GOBBLN Chainsaw Death Match-Off (Will be re-implemented once the Goblins are added to BB2)

It will almost never go past #3 as that will be a pretty unique number and it allows for the more bashy teams that don't score as many times as the AG teams; to have a chance to actually win this tie-breaker. The Chainsaw match, should it get to that, should be the ultimate fun match! Both coaches will create a new Goblin team with a chainsaw, 15 regular goblins, & 4 rerolls. This will leave you 100k for getting 1 bribe in the inducement phase. Each turn you will get 1 chainsaw block/blitz only. No other blocks or moves are allowed. Normal goblins are to stand still throughout the duration of the match and stay accessible for chainsaw hits. Blocks/blitzes are to be used on regular goblins only; NOT the other chainsaw. Rerolls may be used on failed kickbacks as needed. The bribe is to be used at the half to "hopefully" get the chainsaw for the 2nd half. If the bribe fails, then you don't get any hits in the second half. Keep track of the casualties for each chainsaw and at the end of the match, whoever had the most casualties will win the tie-breaker.

Signing up for the league also means committing to the playoffs as well since we need the participation to balance the groups. ALL TEAMS ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE. If appropriate, we will allow a team to withdraw for exceptional reasons. All teams are expected to apply their groups by an established deadline as needed or will be replaced by the next team behind them.


The winner will receive a banner to display through the following season.

The Stomping Fields The winner will also receive some amount of out-of-game Iron Deathmarks that will for the time being, be tied to the team to be used at a later date. For the moment there will be no immediate use for these funds for this team; but we are working on options for that in the future. At a minimum the funds would go with them into Premier in a future season. There will be a small selection of the overall perks and awards available from the entire list that will be available in Premier. However this list will be a small part of that and will be some of the less significant items that can be purchased. This is in place to help ensure that Premier stays as the top league and pulls the most interest on a normal scale. This league will also have an automatic Bounty system in place. This means that no individual coach may place bounties. The BFC does not want to see Super-Stars in this league, so in response to that, they will automatically place a bounty on any player that joins the league or who achieves while participating in the league, who is level 4 or higher. The system will work like this: 10k per each level starting at level 4 and 10k per stat boost. So if a level 4 player has a ST boost and an AG boost, then they would have a 30k bounty place on them. Any team that cashes in on a bounty will receive those Iron Deathmark funds to their account to be used as out-lined above. This will also be explained in detail in the message about Rewards and Perks.

The Proving Grounds There will be no out of game Iron Deathmarks associated with anything in TPG.

League Drop Outs

In the unfortunate event a coach has to drop out mid-season, the Overlords will take the best action possible to fill the vacancy as soon as reasonable. Potential replacement teams can come from any past GOBBLN event, new members or inactive members. The Overlords will strive to be fair to all parties in finding a suitable replacement. Divisions may become slightly unbalanced if this occurs. The Overlord's may not fill the vacancy if no suitable replacement can be found.

Future Seasons

At the conclusion of the playoffs your team will potentially have 5 options:

1) Promote to the Premier League
2) Participate in the Stomping Fields
3) Move into the Open League
4) Compete in Flash Leagues
5) Take a season or more off

Promotion to the Premier League is not guaranteed, though we can usually accommodate most developed teams the following season or the one after. Priority is not based on record, but a combination of being a reliable and pleasant coach (most important), team readiness, racial diversity needs in the premier league and how long the coach has been a part of GOBBLN. Current Premier league coaches will be free to swap their Premier League team with any other eligible team and occasionally a coach in the premier league will take a season off to focus on teams and they will also receive priority.

Schedule and Week Advancement

Matches will generally be played weekly. Some weeks may be longer to account for holidays and possible the first week due to difficulty in scheduling in advance. Coaches will schedule their matches by using the designated forum thread for their match (each match pairing will have its own unique scheduling thread). While you may communicate your intentions to play a match through other means, its important that you post in your thread the fact that it is scheduled (if you are the first one to post it) or confirm that the posted game time is correct (if you are posting 2nd). The league admins will use this thread and this thread only to determine how to handle a match that was not played on time.

Turn Times

Turns will be 4 minutes.

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