Silver Gauntlet - BBATTL Cup

Never before have the Gobblin lands been so filled with travelers from afar.  Every inn is filled with traveling fans and the streets are littered with opportunistic vendors and thieves with the impending start of the Golden Gauntlet.  However some concern exists that as the competition rolls on, those teams that get off to a slow start may see their supporters leave the land early as their fans lose interest as they play games that lack meaning.  Not wanting to see the good times end, Prince Ayennevlic has approved creating a silver replica of the fabled Golden Guantlet and has created a secondary competition tied to the last few matches in the Golden Gauntlet group stage. 

Format and Qualification

16-team double elimination* tournament.  The last 3 games of the Golden Gauntlet Group Stage constitutes the qualification process. The top 16 interested teams over this 3 game stretch (that didn't advance in the GG) will be eligible to enter the Silver Gauntlet.  (Your first 3 Golden Gauntlet matches will be used as the first tiebreaker for sorting this out, but otherwise are meaningless to the Silver Gauntlet competition).

*The championship will be a one-off match between an undefeated team and a team that went through the loser’s bracket. There will not be a re-match in the event the team from the loser’s bracket wins. BBATL Points will be split slightly differently if one team goes undefeated.


The BBATTL Points for this event have been reduced as participants qualify by effectively failing (but the event should also be free of the most challenging teams).

Champion (undefeated/1-Loss)= 140/120
Runner Up (1 loss/2-loss)= 100/80
Third Place = 60
4th/5th Place = 40 x 2 = 80

Total Points = 360

Event Schedule

Event will begin at the end of the Golden Gauntlet Group Stage.

Team Eligibility

Any Golden Gauntlet participant that does not advance to the elimination rounds of the Golden Gauntlet is eligible.

TV Requirements


Application Process

None. All Golden Gauntlet participants are considered to have already applied.

Event Policies

All standard GOBBLN Policies apply, which can be found here.  Standard Inducements will be in effect.


Seedings will be based on the qualification order, but will be kept to North America/Europe for bracketing for the first few rounds.

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