Event Rules

The following rules are specific to the Shogun's Trial. All general GOBBLN policies also apply (no abandoning being the big one).

Event Size

Event will size will be a multiple of 4. Target is 16 teams.

Start Date

Late September.

Applications Process

Each participant should make a separate post in the application sub forum subject: Coach name, with team name and race in the subject.

Team Eligibility

Any team with a TV of 1500 or below including MNG players. Teams are free to cut players, rerolls or "staff" to get to this cap, but must play their first match with roster they apply with.

Race Restrictions


Group Assignments

Group assignment will be random, but racial distribution will be strived for.

Time Zone Issues

This is a BBATTL event and thus some participants will be coming from other time zones. Some effort will be made to minimize this inconvenience, but it is not the only factor that will be applied to creating the groups. All participants will need to show some extra flexibility when opponents have significantly different time zones. European coaches should either be willing to play a little later than they might ordinarily prefer when in their home league or be very available over the weekend. North American coaches need to understand that European coaches were encouraged to participate and try to play a little earlier in the day than they might ordinarily prefer in their home league.

League Drop Outs

Drop replacement will occur as possible from fresh teams. However, given the format of the event its likely a drop out will result in future forfeits.

Schedule and Week Advancement

Match weeks will last one week, but groups are encouraged to play faster if possible.
Coaches will schedule their matches by using the designated thread for their match (each match pairing will have its own unique scheduling thread). While you may communicate your intentions to play a match through other means, its important that you post in your thread the fact that it is scheduled (if you are the first one to post it) or confirm that the posted game time is correct (if you are posting 2nd). The event admins will use these threads to determine how to award the match should it fail to be played.

Turn Times

Turns will be 4 minutes.


Extended Inducements will not be utilized. Wizards will be used instead of racial scrolls.


Points are earned as follows:
Win: 3 Pts
Draw: 1 Pts
Loss: 0 Pts


At the end of the first group stage the top performing teams will be placed together and the lowest teams will be grouped together for a 2nd round of 3 matches. The champions of the top 2 2nd stage groups will play for the title.


The winner will receive 80,000 GC and the runner-up 40,000 GC.
The team that experiences the most deaths will be reimbursed the cost of their most expensive player lost.

BBATTL Point Allocation

Point allocation will be clarified once we are more certain of event size. The team with the player who earns the most SPPs during the tournament will receive additional BBATTL points.

GOBBLN Premier Eligibility

Teams that are currently eligible to participate in GOBBLN Premier in future seasons will retain this eligibility if participating in the Shogun's Trial.

Event Status

The event is currently open for applications.


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