Shogun's Trial - BBATTL Cup

The Shogun of Nippon, Akodo Kaneka, has heard many rumours of a game being played in lands to the far west. He wishes to see this for himself, so has put word out of a tournament held at his palace. He welcomes all comers, but would like to make sure that he and his people can follow along and learn the rules while watching, and therefore has eliminated any professionals from coming . He has also hired the Paymaster Ogre, Bulbonius Silvertongue, from nearby Cathay to organize the tournament, as the Ogres are very familiar with the game . As this is a demonstration tournament for the Shogun, he is willing to reimburse the team that had the most deaths during the tournament the cost of their most valuable player lost. As well, the single player that shows him or herself to be the most honorable warrior will be bestowed a gold encrusted replica of the Shogun's samurai sword for spreading the game of Blood Bowl to new lands.

Event Schedule

The Shogun's  Trial group play will begin in late September.

Application Process

Teams can apply here Applications

League Policies

Shogun's Trial forumat and rules can be found here as well as all standard GOBBLN Policies which can be found here.

Current Standings

Group 1

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