Black Flag Bounty Co - Stomping Fields

The Stomping Fields executives are a very budget conscious lot and do not like to see big stars about the league, who will inevitably demand higher pay and bring the attention away from the team. The teams themselves are too cash strapped to be able to place any bounties on players directly, but the league board always places a bounty on those that are most out of place in the league.

Deathmarks are placed on the heads of all Level 4 players and any player with a stat increase. The bounties are placed in the following format:

  1. 1 DM per Level Starting at Level 4
  2. 1 DM per stat increase

Deathmarks will be collected at 100% for causing any of the following:

  1. If player is killed
  2. If player takes a permanent injury (any red text applied to a player that is not a MNG

To Collect:

Make a new post to the thread named "Stomping Fields Bounties Collected"

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