These sites may be of aid to players who are looking to improve their game or hear more about tactics, and upcoming events

BB Tactics
A website dedicated to Blood Bowl strategies and tactics.  Many races are covered at this point, with commentaries on each position and each team's overall play style. Additionally many skills are covered throughout the website.

Blood Bowl Play-Creator
A website that allows you to draw up Blood Bowl plays.

The Orca Cola Cast
A podcast dedicated to Blood Bowl that handles the on-line scene and has alot of information on tactics and teams.

You can also download and subscribe via iTunes.

Pitch Invasion
This podcast is about leagues (very little -- if any -- tournament talk), and they are going to use the GOBBLN (digital-Cyanide) and BKBBL (tabletop) leagues as a focus. Also have plans to do lots of interviews with coaches that have won league championships and big tournament titles, both tabletop and on-line.

You can also download and subscribe via iTunes.

Tackle Zone Radio
A now defunct podcast, that has been rolled into the Zlurpcast. Some podcasts focus on specific races while others cover more general topics. Excellent information in most podcasts.

You can also download via iTunes.

Talk Fantasy Football
The largest website forum for discussing all elements of the Blood Bowl game.

The NAF is an international association of players dedicated to Blood Bowl. NAF's goal is to act as a central resource for Blood Bowl coaches the world over - offering news, contacts, discussion, sanctioned tournaments and international player rankings. Whether you're planning to run your own tournament, looking for a league, or just wanting to catch up on the latest from the world of Blood Bowl, NAF HQ aims to provide everything you'll need. Membership is $10 and includes a set of official NAF block dice!

Three Die Block
Regular podcast dedicated to Blood Bowl strategies and tactics. Most  podcasts have a segment focused on a specific race's development, play style and starting builds.

You can also download and subscribe via iTunes.

Monthly podcast dedicated to the Blood Bowl table top scene. Not a lot of information on league related topics. Recently added a 2nd podcast per month, with the mid-month episode being more about general league play and team development, essentially the mid-month episode is Tackle Zone Radio

You can also download and subscribe via iTunes.

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