General League Policies

The following rules will generally apply to any league, season, cup, tournament or other event at GOBBLN. Each league will also have specific policies and format information posted under their league.

Missed/Unplayed Matches

Unplayed matches will be given a result of 1-1 if neither party was at fault and available. (Available means that a coach provides at minimum 2 or more time slots to play during regular weekday evening (6pm – 10pm eastern) or Weekend (9am – 10pm eastern) time slots for kick off (at least one of which must be during a weekday evening) and has attempted to schedule their match in good faith in the appropriate thread during the first 3 days after a week has flipped.(ie. if the week flips on a Monday an attempt to schedule, not play, your match has to have been made by Wednesday). If one party was not available during allotted time slots, the result will be 2-0 in favor of the party who was available. The administrative tools provided by B.B.L.E. will be used to set spp and mvp awards post game. Coaches are encouraged to work together to get games played. Coaches identified as trying to circumvent or manipulate the availability rules will be placed on the GOBBLN watch list. (And will be handled by the Overlords, with spiky GOBBLN gloves)

If a coach cannot play the match, they may allow a substitute coach to play their team, (This is not a requirement). The substitute coach must be from a different division. The opponent must consent to play a substitute, but the coach that offered the substitute is considered to have been available to play the match. If the substitute is declined, the score will be recorded as a 1-1 draw.
Should a coach schedule a match and miss the scheduled time without warning, he/she will forfeit the match. Should the coach that was present in game wish to reschedule and play the match the played result will stand (coaches are encouraged to try to find a new time). Coaches that regularly miss scheduled matches will be expelled from the GOBBLN Horde and added to the black list.

Unintentional Disconnects

Any match that disconnect due to unforeseen circumstances will be replayed from the beginning or if agreed upon by the coaches will be administered to the score on the board prior to the disconnect. In the instance where one coach wishes to replay a game and the other coach wishes to stick with the score prior to the drop. The GOBBLN Overlords will make the decision. (Any game disconnecting in the first half of a match should be replayed, time and availability allowing). Any difficulty or disconnects must be posted in your weekly game schedule thread and a PM sent to your divisions Overlord.

Intentional Disconnects

Intentionally disconnecting/or abandoning the match for any reason is grounds for being added to the GOBBLN watch list as well as dismissal from the league. Pleading for mercy like a spineless coward is worthy of shame and ridicule, but totally acceptable. If at the START OF A DRIVE you can only field 3 players, you may inform your opponent that you are conceding the match and it will not be held against you by the Overlords. Conceding a match via the abandon button will mean your opponent receives your MVP and winnings (though you will keep your other accumulated SPPs for the match). Therefore the suggested method of doing this is to lie perfectly still on the ground and do nothing while the turns end out. If you do start a drive, you must play it out till the end of the drive. Furthermore if more of your players recover and on a subsequent drive you can field 4 or more players you must carry on (you have missed your chance).

Extended Unexplained Unavailability

If we do not hear from you for one full week and you have failed to post in the vacation thread, we may replace you with another coach at our discretion. We will attempt to contact you, but do whatever you can to let us know what's happened. If we understand the nature of your absence we may be able to work with you on it, but if we are left in the dark we have to assume you may be gone for an extended period of time. We don't want coaches to experience excessive forfeits, and past experience has taught us that it is usually better to act quickly and do what we can if you return and there was an understandable reason.

In-game Bugs

General Bug Statement

The game isn't perfect by any means, but please try to avoid taking advantage of any bugs you are aware of, do your best to avoid or mitigate the effects of any bugs that do turn up. We will consider forcing game resets if warranted.

Coach Expectations

Requests of Coaches

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