Pit Rat Open Specific Policies

Team Eligibility

New teams from existing members of BBATTL Leagues
Teams with BBATTL eligibility under TV 1650

Race Restrictions

Unlimited Skaven Teams
Unlimited Goblin Teams
One Dwarf  team per group
Two of each other race

Divisional Assignments

Time zone consideration will be used in all cases, primarily in consideration of the European/North American scheduling needs. Skaven and Goblin teams will be assigned evenly across groups. No more than one of any race will be assigned to each group beyond that.

League Drop Outs

Coaches should only apply if they believe they can complete the event to its entiretly. It is unlikely we will be able to refill a slot if there is an unexpected drop out, but we may if it is possible.

Schedule and Week Advancement

Matches will last one full week, and end on Mondays. The first week will run longer.

Turn Times

Turns will be 4 minutes.


Extended Inducements will not be utilized. Wizards will be used instead of racial scrolls.

Bonus Points and Standings

Bonus points in the standings will be earned for this event
Wins 3 Pts
Draws 1 Pts
Loss 0 Pts
3+ TD in match 1 Pt
0 TD allowed in match Pt


16 teams will qualify, 4 from each group.

Playoff Seeding

Teams will be paired in reverse order (e.g 1 plays 16, 2 plays 15). All first place teams will receive the highest seeds All fouth place place teams will receive the lowest seeds. etc.


There is no prize money for teams that win their divisions. The winner of the playoffs will receive 120,000 gold crowns; the runner-up 80,000 gold crowns.


Event Winner - 150 Pts
Event Runner - Up 90 Pts
Losing Semi-Finalist - 60 Pts
Most Avg. TDs - 60 Pts (6 game minimum)
Best Avg. Defense - 60 Pts (6 game minimum)

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