Pit Rat Open - BBATTL Cup

Karak-Eight Peaks was once one of the crown jewels of the dwarven empire. It sits high in the World’s Edge Mountains beneath eight majestic snow capped peaks.  Under pressure from above from marauding orcs, and from below from skaven and goblin hordes the dwarves were forced to abandon one of their most cherished homes. Unable to bring most of their treasures with them, they sealed away numerous chambers in hope to one-day return to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Today Karak-Eight-Peaks is the home to powerful skaven clan Mors who now refer to it as the City of Pillars, though a few levels are still possessed by night goblins.  Recently mining slaves found a previously unknown chamber featuring several grand dwarven blood bowl arenas. Warlord Queek Headtaker is eager to exploit this newly found complex for profit, both in ticket sales and the occasional “fan gone missing” (a.k.a “fresh slaves”).  He quickly secured the sponsorship of the wildly popular “Pit Rat” candy bar and gave them the naming rights to call it the Pit Rat Pit, secured BBATTL sanctioning and sent out invitations to all the worthy teams in the land (making sure that the invitations were sent throughout the under-empire a few days earlier, and few friendly chaos teams as well).

Wanting to ensure the highest ratings on CABALvision he is particularly interested in creating the highest scoring matches possible.  A few warpstone token bribes secured a minor change in the standings calculations to award teams that can really score a lot.
The dwarven descendents were outraged to discover such vermin defiling their ancestral arenas.  Ever the pragmatic sort though, they could not help but realize that this event also offers an opportunity re-enter their home without force and hopefully recover some of their lost treasures (and possibly have a few brawls with the locals too). The Dwarf Lord Grungi Ironbender has dipped deep in his coffers to even bribe a few of the referees to manipulate the standings and has offered a bounty for stopping the skaven by any means necessary. Aware that Queek was encouraging high scoring softies to take the pitch, he made a similar bribe to ensure that there was an equal award to any team that can keep a clean sheet and prevent opponents from crossing the end line.

Season Schedule

The Pit Rat Open group play will run until August 21st. The eliminatrion rounds will run for up to 4 additional weeks depending on the speed games are played.

Application Process

The Pit Rat Open is currently full and no longer accepting applications

League Policies

Pit Rat Open policies can be found here as well as all standard GOBBLN Policies which can be found here.

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