Open League

In an attempt to fulfill GOBBLN members' wishes, the overlords will be creating an open league specifically for GOBBLN teams. Why do this, you ask? Well, there are a few reasons:

1] This will allow coaches to build up teams at their own pace, either for movement to Premier, Stomping Fields, Proving Grounds, or Flash Leagues. Whether someone wants to just give a new team a try in a few competitive matches against a fellow GOBBLN coach or someone wants to build up a new team for the other leagues, this will do it.

2] It will allow the overlords to get rid of the GOBBLN holding tanks. With the current tools, we can easily see what games a team has played, so if a team is in the open league, we know it's been vetted and ok to play in either the Proving Grounds, the Stomping Fields, or Premier.

3] It will allow coaches to play at short notice, multiple times per week, as well as against coaches that might not otherwise have played before. We like the community here (and, hopefully, so do the members!), and we like to play Bloodbowl against each other. Why not play a little bit more?

As a point of interest, this is NOT intended to replace any other GOBBLN league. The Open league has rules. If otherwise not specified, the Open league follows all of GOBBLN's general rules (who uploads games, etc.). Open league-specific rules include:

Open League Rules

1] Any coach that has participated in at least ONE full season of either Premier, Stomping Fields, Proving Grounds, or Flash Leagues, provided they are not blacklisted, is allowed to enter teams into the Open league. There can be exceptions to this rule if the coach trying to join is a well known and reliable coach from another league and has an established GOBBLN coach that is willing to vouch for them.

2] There is no limit to the number of teams you may enter into the Open league, however the general GOBBLN rule of "no more than one eligible team of each race is allowed for each player" still stands. This means if you have an eligible team of, for example, Orcs, you may not enter an Orc team into the Open league with another Orc team, unless you first delete that first Orc team. This is to prevent "farming" of a particular race. You are always welcome to delete a team to create another of that same race, however.

3] Like other GOBBLN leagues, players are not allowed to concede during a game just because the game is not going their way, you must complete each game to turn 16. Exceptions can be made for situations where a non-Bloodbowl related issue forces you to concede the game, but this must be discussed with your opponent before you concede so it can be explained to overlords as needed.

4] Games must be uploaded to Bloodbowl Manager (BBM) following the same BBM uploading rules for other GOBBLN leagues. Uploading the games to BBM allows for game review by fellow GOBBLN players, and overlords if needed. The BBM information is on the web site in the normal spot, along side the other information.

5] There are no restrictions on the number of games which can be played in the GOBBLN league each week. However, players are not allowed to play the same coach with the same teams back-to-back. If the same two coaches want to play two games back to back, at least 1 of the players must switch to a different team for the second game. Farming is also not allowed, all games must be played with the intent to win by both coaches, players deemed to be farming will be removed from the league and possibly from GOBBLN as well.

6] Any team skilled up in the GOBBLN Open league can apply to future Premier leagues, but is restricted to pre-approval from the OL's.

7] This is a challenge league, not a matchmaking league. With that, comes the fact that sometimes, people will refuse your challenges. If you challenge a 1200 TV Elf team with your 1700 Chaos team, expect it to be refused. But, know that it works both ways and you should feel free to refuse any challenge that you feel is unbalanced. As a reminder, know that once you step into the game, you are required to play it to the end, so accept carefully.

8] Any brand new team or GOBBLN-eligible team from a coach that is permitted to enter the Open league is allowed to enter, provided the team is not already in the Proving Grounds, the Stomping Fields, or the Premier Leagues. However, please be aware of the caps in place to re-enter a scheduled league. Therefore, when you enter the Open league with your 2100 TV team, to re-enter Premier, you may have to trim them down a bit. You are allowed to enter the team into the Open league just to use that league as a placeholder for your team. This rule applies only if the team in question has played at least a minimum of 1 Open league match.

9] Teams applying to the Open league will be vetted by an Overlord before being accepted.

10] Overlords will have veto power on any teams wanting to move from the Open league into either the Stomping Fields or Premier, in the case that we feel a team was inappropriately farmed.

Season Schedule

This is an Open league, so therefore there is a continuously open schedule. Schedule matches through the forum, through in-game chat, and/or through TS or Vent.

Application Process

Coaches wishing to enter the Open League should apply their team in-game and an Overlord will accept the team asap. Questions can be directed to any Overlord.

Current Standings

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