Black Market Merchandise

  1. Heroes Practice Run Down Training: (Pre-season) Season playoff team may buy an MNG match in THEIR favor. Price: 5 DMs.
  2. Apothecary Rub Down: (Pre-season) Champion team abandon MNG/-1FF MNG match. Price: 5 DMs.
  3. Voodoo Doctor Visit: (During Season) Team abandon MNG/-1 FF match. Price: 6 DMs.
  4. One Sided Coin: Black Flag will acquire a bribe with their contacts with a Ref of a future scheduled game. No matter what the coin flip, your team wins choice at kick off to kick or receive. This has to be declared before the match starts and isn't used up if the coach who has it gets the choice wins the coin toss naturally and may be used in a future game. This Bribe may be used in regular season and playoff (not Championship) matches. Price: 14 DMs.
  5. Witch Doctor Back Rub: (Mid-season Flip) Team abandon MNG/-1 FF match. Price: 4 DMs.
  6. Get Out Of Jail Free Card: (During Season) ONE Survivor Board incorrect pick does not count against you. Can only be bought and used once per season. Price: 2 DMs.
  7. 'I WIN Button': (During Season) Survivor Pick choices are both correct, no matter the actual out come. Can only be bought and used once per season. Price: 5 DMs.
  8. 'Know It All!': (Post-season) Add +1 Point to your total for Betting Cages at the end of the season. Price: 2 DMs.

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