Match Reports Fluff

Premier Coaches will receive Death Marks for detailed, exciting, fun filled, heart throbbing, tear jerking, back of the neck sweating, brow raising, toe tapping, knee slapping fluff! Fluff posts should go on the forum under the Premier League forum and then Match Reports, Sponsors & Misc. Fluff and then finallly in the Miscellaneous Fluff sub-forum. The post title should contain the team name in it and the fluff post itself should mention the team name and coach name too. You should find a way to incorporate these within the narrative of the fluff where it ties in thematically. Requirements and limitations include:

How did the game go? What was expected to happen, or unexpected? Before game interviews. After game thoughts of the team captain. How does the team train, communicate, what is their favorite cookie? All kinds of interesting RPish stuff can be utilized. ENJOY! Here is your chance to bring out the personality in your team rather than it just be some words/stats on a piece of paper! (in this case on your monitor).

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