User feedback insights empowering Marketing teams

Understand what is driving 1-star reviews, negative brand sentiment and poor NPS in real-time.

Category-leading companies rely on unitQ to reduce churn and build loyalty.

Know if your marketing spend is going toward a broken experience — without having to conduct focus groups or surveys. Get armed with real-time data to alert engineering and other teams to fix user-facing issues that are killing conversion rates, hurting a Marketing team’s KPIs, and damaging brand reputation.

Influence product roadmap based on the voice of the customer. Craft user-centric, data-driven campaigns and deliver targeted, effective, and measurable messaging with confidence of successful engagement.

With real-time actionable insights from unitQ, Marketing teams for the first time have the data to inform a GTM strategy across an organization’s functions to reduce churn, increase conversions, enhance revenue and bolster brand loyalty.

Improve brand loyalty by understanding your user feedback data

Our AI-enabled platform consolidates feedback across channels, classifying it for each company into over 500 of granular categories, so it can be rigorously analyzed. unitQ gives Marketing teams a single source of truth on what users want and need so they can prioritize initiatives that drive adoption, engagement, monetization, and expansion.

Single source of truth for user feedback

unitQ’s AI-enabled platform compiles user feedback from all sources in real time, automatically identifies product quality issues, and delivers actionable insights enabling Marketing teams to deliver user-centric or crisis messaging.

Welcome to the brand sentiment loop

Marketing teams no longer need to wait for Engineering or Support to alert them to user sentiment and product quality issues requiring responsive action. Thanks to unitQ, Marketing teams are equipped to understand brand sentiment and product quality issues in real time to take appropriate action.

Competitor insights at your fingertips

Our competition report benchmarks your organization’s unitQ Score against your competitors.’ Marketing teams embrace these insights about their competitors' product quality to make strategic campaign decisions.

The ultimate user feedback platform for your whole team

Teams sit in silos and rely on disparate sources of data to make decisions. unitQ helps break down walls between functions so teams can more easily collaborate, prioritize, and act.

For Support

All user feedback is automatically categorized and searchable from one place.

For Product Operations

Find and analyze user feedback to make better product decisions.

For Engineering

Get the data you need to detect, triage, and fix urgent quality issues faster.

Getting started is easy

No SDK needed. Simply connect into your existing data sources.