The data-driven approach to product quality

Engineering teams rely on unitQ to turn qualitative feedback into analyzable data that helps them detect issues earlier and triage faster.

Category-leading companies rely on unitQ to reduce churn and build loyalty.

Improve quality by minimizing time to fix

Quality issues are unavoidable, but when they do occur, time is of the essence. unitQ lessens the impact of bugs by speeding up every step of the triaging process:

Detect: unitQ uncovers new bugs even if instances are in the single digits.

Investigate: Quickly find all related support tickets with product details needed to reproduce.

Prioritize: Get the concrete data to estimate issue impact and appropriately rank priority.

Fix: unitQ appends tickets with product metadata so you can reproduce and triage faster.

Feedback data that empowers engineers to move quickly

Our AI-enabled platform consolidate feedback across channels, classifying it for each company into over 500 granular categories, which we call Quality Monitors. Instead of relying on anecdotes, unitQ gives you irrefutable data to prioritize critical bugs before they become widespread.

Feedback at your fingertips

Instead of asking your support team, find the tickets you need in seconds. unitQ translates feedback from 70+ languages and consolidates it across channels into a searchable repository.

Post-release monitoring

Keep a pulse on user reactions post-launch, so you can detect quality issues quickly. Create a custom Quality Monitor based on specific keywords – see all related feedback, volume over time, and set up real-time alerts in Slack or PagerDuty.

Make triaging a breeze

A support ticket on its own is never enough to reproduce and fix. With unitQ, quickly find all relevant feedback enriched with metadata, like platform, device, and version so you can triage with ease.

Upgrade from tagging

Ticket tagging data is imprecise and unreliable. unitQ uses AI to automatically classify feedback more granularly than a human ever could. Instead of relying on anecdotes, get concrete data to make decisions with confidence.

unitQ is the missing piece in your monitoring stack

Solutions exist to monitor machine data, but how many issues do you miss by not methodically monitoring what your users are saying?

By transforming unstructured user feedback into analyzable data, unitQ completes the monitoring stack so you can better maintain product quality.

Intelligent insights to understand product quality

unitQ both gives you a broad overview of product health and helps uncover deep insights about your product.

unitQ Score: Evaluate your impact with the first metric created to measure product quality.

Quality trends: See top issues and their feedback volume over time.

Impact analysis: unitQ quantifies the impact of quality issues on key KPIs so you can prioritize what matters.
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Getting started is easy

No SDK needed. Simply connect into your existing data sources.