CX Teams

User feedback to drive action

CX teams rely on unitQ to consolidate user feedback across channels and turn it into quantitative insights trusted by engineering and product.

Category-leading companies rely on unitQ to reduce churn and build loyalty.

Advocate for product change with confidence

As the voice of the customer, you intimately understand users' problems and frustrations. But an issue won't get prioritized when all you have is a single anecdote.

unitQ turns qualitative feedback into indisputable data that engineers can’t ignore. Our customers see faster bug fixes, fewer support tickets, higher app ratings, and improvements in overall product quality, as measured by the unitQ Score

A classification engine that arms you with reliable data

Our AI-enabled platform consolidate feedback across channels, classifying it for each company into over 500 granular categories, which we call Quality Monitors. Once categorized, feedback can be rigorously analyzed and used to detect quality issues before they become widespread.

Fix issues Faster

No need to look up device and platform details in back end databases. Quickly find all tickets related to a bug, automatically enriched with the metadata your engineers need to reproduce and triage.

Upgrade from manual tagging

Not only is ticket tagging onerous and time consuming, but support agents can be imprecise and categories are too broad to be actionable. Our AI-enabled platform automatically classifies your feedback with more granularity than a human ever could.

Feedback at your fingertips

Say goodbye to digging through multiple feedback channels and copying tickets into a spreadsheet. unitQ consolidates all feedback into a central repository and translates it from 70+ languages so gathering insights for stakeholders takes minutes, not hours.

Catch bugs before they snowball

unitQ notices new issues, even when feedback volume is in the single digits. Set up alerts to Slack or PagerDuty and get notified of new bugs, trending issues, or mentions of business critical keywords.

Finally, a monitoring platform built for support

Just like engineers have tools to oversee their tech stack, you need a monitoring platform to help you stay on top of what users are saying.

By transforming unstructured feedback into analyzable data, unitQ empowers you to detect user-reported issues faster and consistently improve product quality.

Your central repository for user feedback

unitQ connects to support platforms you already use, like Zendesk, Solvy, Intercom, Freshdesk, and more. And it has the crucial features that help you save time and move quickly.


Enjoy a centralized search across all support channels.


No need for Google Translate. We automatically cover 70+ languages.


Feedback is enriched with product data so you can skip manual lookups in internal databases.

Two-way tagging

Synchronize tagging between unitQ and your support platform.

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Getting started is easy

No SDK needed. Simply connect into your existing data sources.