Your all-in-one hub for user feedback

unitQ makes it easy to search, monitor, and analyze all your user feedback from one place. Our AI-enabled platform is the key to improving product quality.

Category-leading companies rely on unitQ to reduce churn and build loyalty.

Unstructured feedback transformed into data you can use

You hear from your users all the time, but making sense of all that feedback is nearly impossible. We turn qualitative feedback into quantitative data in four steps:

Consolidate feedback across support tickets, chats, social media, app reviews, and surveys into a central, searchable repository.
Translate text from 70+ languages, normalize and remove PII, enrich with sentiment analysis, and append with product metadata.
No need to rely on tagging. Our machine learning models classify feedback into hundreds of precise categories, better than a human ever could.
Once categorized and quantified, feedback is actionable. Our platform helps you monitor product quality and synthesize user insights.

Uncover crucial insights to enhance product quality

With our tools and dashboard, it’s easy to keep a pulse on your product health and dig deep into your users’ experiences.


Looking for all tickets related to a sev0 bug? Want to know how the new product launch went? With our powerful search feature, quickly find relevant feedback across all channels translated from 70+ languages. Feedback is enriched with metadata to make triaging a breeze.


Once feedback is categorized, it can be measured, analyzed, and visualized.

  • Review top trending quality issues.
  • See volume of feedback by category over time.
  • Measure overall product quality with the unitQ Score.


unitQ detects new issues, even when feedback volume is in the single digits. Set up alerts from Slack or PagerDuty to be notified of new issues, trending issues, or mentions of business critical key words.


Need to pinpoint which device is impacted by a bug? Want to understand feedback trends in a specific market? Filter search results and data by channel, platform, version, language, geographical region, user sentiment, and app store rating.

An AI-enabled classification engine customized for your business

Our powerful classification engine has processed over 175 million pieces of feedback from over 4,000 companies and bucketed them into 18,000 unique granular categories, which we call Quality Monitors, with an average of over 500 Quality Monitors per company.

Our approach? Supervised machine learning. Our AI models do the heavy lifting but we also utilize a limited amount of human intervention to ensure the classifications reflect the nuances of your business.
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