GOBBLN Fire & Axe Specific Policies

Team Eligibility

New teams only. Only GOBBLN coaches that have played in a qualifying event are eligible to participate.

Race Restrictions

Only teams of the Norse race may participate in the league/tournament.

Divisional Assignments

Divisions will be determined after the number of participants is known.

Turn Times

Turn times will be 4 minute turns.

Special Inducement Rule

APOTHECARY USE IN NOT ALLOWED during this league/tournament, as no good Norseman would want to be brought back from the reward of Valhalla!!!! Do not buy an Apothecary until the completion of this league/tournament.

Qualifying Rounds

The Qualifying round will consist of a Round-Robin format. Qualifying round tie-breakers will follow the normal GOBBLN league tie-breakers. A special points system will be used and is:

*Win = 4pts
*Draw = 2pts
*Loss = 1pt
*Opponent Death = 2pts
*Own Player Death = 1pt

All deaths will be counted regardless of the reason for the death. After all, your Norseman will be riding across that Rainbow Bridge into the halls of Valhalla!


At the end of the season points will be totaled and the playoff bracket will be seeded. This will be a single elimination short tournament.

Playoff Seeding

This will be natural tournament seeding: ie, 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5


1st - Painted Norse team (Black Scorpion Miniatures) or other team from the company if desired. A Championship banner for the champion with be handed out as well.
2nd - Painted Big Guy
Bloody Axe: Most Deaths Total Points - $25 Painting Gift Certificate to use on LegionsForward website.

Additional Notes

To sweeten this league/tournament, professional painter and fellow league member, LegionsForward has offered some additional cool prizes, as listed above. You can check out his website and some of his other paintings here: Legions Painting.
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