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This league and its website is focused on the Blood Bowl game, and specifically operates as a US based league using the Cyandide PC game, Blood Bowl Legendary Edition. We DO NOT use a tiered structure like many leagues. You will not take multiple seasons before you will be capable of winning the league title. We do however attempt to shelter teams for approximately 10-15 games when possible so that they are on a competitive level when they reach the Premier League.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does GOBBLN stand for?
A. The Grand Organization of Blood Bowl Loving Nations

Q. What time zone does the league generally operate in?
A. Eastern North America. GMT-5 (-4 during summer). While coaches are free to arrange match times whenever they can, they need to be able to schedule matches for weeknight evenings. While we welcome coaches from other time zones and currently have many from west coast North America and a few from Europe, your ability to meet the Eastern time availability should not be exclusive to weekends. If you are looking for a league that runs on a different time schedule please let us know; our members include a few organizers of leagues that cater to different time zones and we would be happy to refer you to them.

Q. What game client does the league currently use?
A. GOBBLN is currently only using the Blood Bowl 2 game client developed by Cyanide.

Q. Who is in charge?
A. The GOBBLN Grand Overlord is NeverWorking. As he is rarely working, he has more time to hang about the place and that is how he got the job. He is supported by additional Overlords:
Nefarius (Premier)
Kryseis (Stomping Fields)
Spydyr (Proving Grounds)
Ruggerman08 (when available)
Mikey (away from game)
Blog (away from game)

Q. How do I sign up?
A. GOBBLN supports multiple events and leagues, though it tries to keep the amount of simultaneous events to a modest level. New members should start off by registering for the Proving Grounds. Sign Up Here

Q. How old is the league?
A. The first Premier League season kicked off in November 2010. 30 Teams participated that season. Prior to that the vast majority of the founding member coaches played together in one of two other leagues for 12 years prior. GOBBLN also ran a small test league for a handful of coaches in the fall leading up to BB:LE release.

Q. How big is GOBBLN?
A. GOBBLN strives to maintain between 30 and 40 members in its Premier League each season depending on the division and schedule format. In addition it is always looking for new members in its Proving Grounds league and it's Stomping Fields league.

Q. When does the next season start for the Proving Grounds?
A. In general, each season of the Proving Grounds will run for approximately 4 months. You can always see the current projected calendar by selecting the Calendar menu option above.

Q. Can I use a team I’ve played elsewhere?
A. No. The integrity of the league is based on knowing how your team evolved.

Q. What is the difference between the Proving Grounds, the Stomping Fields, the Open League, and the Flash Leagues?
A.The Proving Grounds is the league where all teams get their start in GOBBLN. TPG only accepts new fresh teams and all new coaches must complete a season in TPG to gain eligibility for all of the other leagues. The Stomping Fields is a continual league that offers some of the perks that are available in Premier, but also offers a chance for teams to compete in a league that isn't as intense or high TV as Premier. The Open League is not a weekly scheduled league like every other league, but a matchmaking (or challenge) league that allows coaches to play matches at their own leisure. The Flash Leagues are set scheduled leagues that are smaller in nature and run at a much faster pace than our normal leagues and usually range in TV requirements depending on need at the time.

Q. What format are the leagues?
A.  The current format of the three major league is to play each member of your division twice for a 10 game season. The top 2 teams in each division plus a handful of wild cards are able to participate in the playoffs.

Q. How often do the match 'days' run?
A. Typically one week. Weeks with major holidays may be extended slightly. The first week of the season may run a bit longer as no one can schedule their matches in advance.

Q. How long are turns?
A. All leagues use 4 minute turn times.

Q. Are there any race limitations?
A. This may vary depending on the specific league or tournament. We strive to have balance and try to avoid duplicating races in a division when possible. No formal limitations have presently been placed, however from time to time we may try to encourage coaches towards races that keep things in balance.

Q. Are there any prizes awarded outside of the game (like money or trophies)?
A. Each league winner will receive in-game cash based on a proportionate level. This level is 5 for Premier; 4 for Stomping Fields; and 3 for Proving Grounds. Winners will also receive a cool banner to show in your signature for the upcoming season. Also, there Iron Deathmarks can be earned and spent as well.

EDIT: Until in-game cash is available to be awarded, the only current prize is a banner to be displayed on your signature in the forums.

Q.What are Iron Deathmarks and how can they be earned/spent?
A. Iron Deathmarks are the out-of-game currency used across GOBBLN. These can be earned in multiple ways including, but not limited to, collecting bounties, doing match reports, having an exemplary season with stats and earning banners, and through the betting hall. Iron Deathmarks can be spent on various perks throughout the pre-season, regular season, and post season.

Q. I played my match but my roster still looks the same as before the match, what happened?
A. In private leagues all matches must be validated by an admin before they become official. This is the price we pay for being able to reset a match that disconnected unintentionally.

EDIT: With the release of BB2, both Premier and SF are able to have games be validated by both participating coaches so that you don't need to wait on an OL to validate. However, we will still be using the OL validation method for PG.

Q. Is there any additional information I should be familiar with
A. All coaches should be familiar with general coach expectations and league policies which can be found here

Q. What is BBATTL?
A. BBATTL is a coalition of Cyanide based Blood Bowl leagues that have grouped together to host and support a variety of inter-league events. GOBBLN is an associate member and also one of the 4 Founding members. Some of these events allow teams created in one league to participate with teams from other leagues with each party knowing their opponents team was developed in the integrity of a league run to a similar standard of operation. The current members are GOBBLN, Sturm Von Stahl, Fun League, RMBBL, NAWBB, LUBBA, OFL, OCC, BBNA, PTBBL, UKBBL, USAB, Blood Bowl Tactics, and TTS BloodBowl.

EDIT: BBATTL has been closed down for the foreseeable future. It may be started back up again at some point.

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