Development League Policies

Team Eligibility

Teams that have played less than 10 matches, and that have only participated at GOBBLN hosted events.

Race Restrictions


Coach Eligibility

Any new, past or current member may enter up  to  two  teams  in the development leagues.  All coaches are entitled to one spot before any coach receives a  2nd spot. 

Divisional Assignments

Experienced teams, should there be any will be grouped together.

Schedule and Week Advancement

Matches will generally be played weekly. Coaches will schedule their matches by using the designated forum thread for their match (each match pairing will have its own unique scheduling thread). While you may communicate your intentions to play a match through other means, its important that you post in your thread the fact that it is scheduled (if you are the first one to post it) or confirm that the posted game time is correct (if you are posting 2nd). The divisional admins will use this thread and this thread only to determine how to handle a match that was not played on time.

Each division will be comprised of 6 teams playing each other team one time. 

Future Team Eligibility

In future seasons Development League teams may migrate to the Premier League based upon available space. Teams are also eligible to compete in future BBATTL events. (Note: to retain future Premier League eligibility teams may only participate in GOBBLN hosted BBATTL events). In addition they may also be eligible for further development in the GOBBLN Development league (this will not impact their Premier League eligibility).

Turn Times

Turns will be 4 minutes.


Extended Inducements will not be utilized. Wizards will be used instead of racial scrolls.


There are no playoffs


There is no glory in the minors, there are no prizes either...unless you count surviving.

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