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The Bounty System has been created. We are adding flavor to help promote more fluff and Blood to the Bowl. We encourage all to participate, don't be stingy with that overwhelming purse of gold!

Black Flags Bounty Co., has spread its reach to the GOBBLN league pitches and is now open for business. Please read the disclaimer and laws of the bounty system below before consulting business with Black Flags.

How to Place A Bounty

If you want to place a bounty, please follow the specific steps below outlined in your contract signed with Black Flags.

Place a bounty with Black Flags by posting in the bounties forum titled "Wanted: Player Name xxx,xxx GC" (Gold Crowns is the currency of Blood Bowl).

Bounties have to have meaning, not just placed willy nilly (High Elves tend to place random bounties on players they do not even know. Black Flags will not have anything to do with this un-honorable thought process). The post should include at least one reasonably coherent sentence about why this player must die. Failing to do this may result in the bounty being rejected or the value reduced at Black Flags' discretion.

Once the Bounty is set, and the GC is paid, Black Flags will post a Wanted Poster, with a vivid picture of the newly hunted player on the Wanted Dead of /Mostly/ Alive Board. For your convenience, Black Flags will then update the wanted poster for the targeted player current condition/status.

DISCLAIMER: Please allow 10 days for Black Flags to fully process your bounty (i.e make a wanted poster, update web pages, etc). Your bounty will be active regardless once it has been posted, subject to it fitting within the rules. (Note: the profile stats will be kept current, but the in game stats will only be updated at the end of the season to cut down on the work involved.) Your bounty will be good and your funds considered spent upon making the post.

Sample Wanted Poster

Cost of Bounties

Coaches will be considered to have 20,000 DM's in discretionary funds at their disposal for placing such bounties before each season. These 20k DM's can also be used to purchase other items from the Black Market.

Coaches may add as much GC's or DM's to bounties throughout the season as they see fit. Bounties may be updated at the flip of the new season week. If an additional amount is to be added to a current bounty in place, please post in the WANTED section in that player's thread to add the additional reward money/bounty. (In game the Bounty Master will manage the spending of the GC's by buying, then releasing Cheerleaders to spend the GC's physically from the team as the bounty is put in place, or DM's will be removed from your account as appropriate).

Who You Can Place a Bounty On

Any Premier league player who has earned at least 16 SPPs is eligible to have a bounty placed on their head. There is one exception: Dirty Players...if there is a nasty, nasty Dirty Player that is just renown for ruining your day, and that's all he is good at doing, Black Flags will honor that bounty as we understand this frustration and anger over a rookie Dirty Player fouling your star to death.

Rookies of other races will not be accepted as they have not earned even enough renown/notoriety to even have their photo taken in even the mildest of spotlights.

Bounties should be placed for good cause (but we can have a very liberal interpretation of this), coaches cannot pick someone they are about to play figuring they can re-collect their funds post-match. You may on the other hand collect your own bounties, as long as the bounty has not been placed the week prior to the scheduled match-up.

Anonymous Haters

Some private parties do not like to see any players to achieve too high of a profile. Any player that reaches the 76 star player points, and has a current bounty, will be considered to have an additional bounty on his or her head.

Collecting Bounties

To collect a bounty a team must inflict significant bodily harm to the wanted player, through any of the following means: Block, Crowd Surf, Wizard, Foul, Stunty thrown and landing on target, any secret weapons including bomb, stab, chainsaw etc.

Injuries caused to the hunted that will not qualify to collect their bounty by method deemed not to be due to the coach's efforts. You must to do something to cause the injury, not be the beneficiary of the opposing team having something go wrong: Throw a Rock, failed GFI/dodge (In question but will remain as a non effort injury at this point by Black Flag), Stunty failing a land, bomb on the initial throw, taking out a member of the bomber's team, chainsaw fail and so on.

Sample Poster of Bounty Collected

Black Flags has a Less-Than-Death collection policy, but death is always preferred!

The Less-Than-Death Collection policy is based on the current bounty worth. Example. Str bust a 100k Bounty player, you collect 80k bounty for not killing them.

  1. Death: Full Bounty Awarded! Not TAXED! You did the world a favor.
  2. Stat Break: Str 10k Bounty Tax per/50k Bounty. MA/*Agi 20k Tax Per/50k Bounty. AV 20k Tax if reduced to 7. If reduced to 6 or less, 15k Tax per 50k Bounty.
  3. Niggling Injury: 20k Tax per/50K Bounty.
NOTE: Subsequent Retirement of Player in next 3 games without further injury 100% of total bounty, same as death policy.

Black Flags will not award Bounties that are not permanent:

  1. Injuries Fixed By Apothecary
  2. Regenerated Injuries
  3. Stat Breaks that don't actually register (e.g. -Ag on Troll)

What You Get

* Bounty Hunter Banners (For Bounties collected in one season)

  1. One Collected - Novice Killer forum banner.
  2. Two Collected - Dark Hunter forum banner.
  3. Three Collected - Master Bounty Hunter forum banner.
  4. Four Collected - Taker Of Life forum banner.

** Mutual FUNDS! These funds bring...Perks/Advantages/Prestige to your premier team.

All collected bounties are held in the Black Flags Bounty Co., bank. These funds are tracked and recorded. They can be used for several things... Placing more bounties! These funds can be used at any time to instantly increase a current player's bounty, or make a new bounty. Notification of a bounty follows the rules above.

Black Flags Black Market

Everything's got a price, and you have collected the dirty money to meet those prices.

What to buy with your Mutual funds collected through blood shed? The Black Market has alot of contacts, and can pull alot of strings...yes, not all these strings lead to 'legal' actions.

**Prices may vary from time to time on black market perks... after all, it's a 'Black Market'. Supply and demand fluctuates. If there is a market flux, price changes will go into effect at the turn of a new week; never in the middle, as it takes time to rewrite the books! (Check Official GOBBLN Bounty forums for current Perk price and changes).

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