Black Flag Betting Cages

Notice to Gamblers Entering the Hall
You are entering the seedy and shady underworld of Blood Bowl gambling. This is a dangerous place and you risk much, but the rewards can be great. You need to be aware of Rule #1, however. The Black Flag Company does not make errors. Ever! If you think your fundage is not correct, you are wrong and should probably just keep it to yourself. The BFC has an army of Level 7 trolls and ogres that serve as their muscle. Even hinting that they have made an accounting error would not end well for anyone involved except the BFC.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The below rules can be tweaked and changed at the will of the BFC.

The Rules
*You will be given (virtual) chips for each week to place on that week's scheduled games.
*Bet deadlines will be Wednesday night. These bets will be for the week in advance schedule to come. This will lock in and solidify your wager as to who will win lose or tie. (No changing your mind once you post).
*Based on your success, you will be given points each betting week. At the end of the regular season, the points will be tallied and prizes will be handed down.
*Prizes will be deposited directly into the winner's mutual funds bank rewards and will come at the end of the season, before playoffs take place.

Example of a betting week:
Week 1, and Week 2, will be open for Betting at the same time as the league just starts up. At the start of Week 2, Week 3 Betting will then be posted ready to be have the chips placed. You will have 3 days from the time the Betting week is posted to lock in your bets. Don't miss the window!

Week 1 Flips, to Week 2.

Week 3 Betting forum will go live.

The post will look something like this.

Week 3 Bets:

Division 1 Predictions:
Team 1 vs Team 4 = Result
Team 3 vs Team 2 = Result
Team 5 vs Team 6 = Result

As the coach placing the wagers, you will copy this format and put what you think the result will be.

Example of Kryseis Betting on the above division.

Division 1 Predictions:
Team 1 vs Team 4 = Team 1
Team 3 vs Team 2 = Tie Game
Team 5 vs Team 6 = Team 5

At the end of the week, the results of how many guesses Kryseis was corrected on will be posted, awarding 1 point per correct guess. At the end of the season, the top three will receive their mutual fund prize.

Rewards will come at the end of the season depending on how many Coaches Participate.

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