Chaos Cup 2016 Results & Pictures

Place Coach Team Race W D L TDF TDA CAS Score
8th Spydyr The Ancient Pharoahs Khemri 4 1 1 8 3 17 13
11th Kikurasis Progeny of Nagash Undead 8 3 13 12
12th Ted le Rasé Les veufs noirs Undead 4 0 2 8 5 8 12
13th Maniehl Mischief Human 8 4 6 12
17th Tlawson Tim Norsca Vikings Norse 8 5 16 11
23rd Nuffle_Hate_Me Black Orc Bock Ball Bust'as Orc 10 7 10 10
33rd Delevus Eternal Thirst Vampire
48th Johnny United Tonnawanda Kardex '21 Undead
51st Shushnik Fyn Darric Dryads Wood Elf
56th Fireman Brewz Orc Jetz Orc
57th ZootSuitJeff Ladies of Liberty Norse 2 1 3 4 6 7
63rd Intak Poisonous Fish Goblins 2 0 4 5 5 6


Random Shots


The GOBBLN group at CC 2016.

Left to Right - bottom row: Martin (Johnny United), Tim (Tlawson), Sam (Spydyr), Matt (Delevus), Simon (Intak). 2nd row: Mark (Maniehl), Mat (Kikurasis), Matt (Nuffle_Hate_Me), Rich (Shushnik), Lois (Ted le Rasé), Jeff (ZootSuitJeff).

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