League News

Chaos Cup 2016

The GOBBLN crew at CC 2016. It was a great tourney and good to hang out with some of the other coaches again.

Left to Right - bottom row: Martin (Johnny United), Tim (Tlawson), Sam (Spydyr), Matt (Delevus), Simon (Intak). 2nd row: Mark (Maniehl), Mat (Kikurasis), Matt (Nuffle_Hate_Me), Rich (Shushnik), Lois (Ted le Rasé), Jeff (ZootSuitJeff).


The GOBBLN Flash League has been created and is now running. It brings the opportunity to create teams in a scheduled league environment and also offers a very short schedule that won't get in the way of your busy life. Flash League is typically a 3 week match, with 2 final match-ups. Unlike open, you may move these teams into a BBATTL hosted event. Flash Leagues will typically have a few week to a month break between each season and TV requirements will fluctuate from season to season.

Note: This league is available to any GOBBLN Coach who has at least finished one full season of Standard or Premier. Open League teams may join Flash League.

Premier Season 19 is currently running!

The GOBBLN Premier league season 19 has now started! As the defending divisional champions looking to ward off would-be pretenders to their thrones, will they be able to hold off the challengers or will they be put in their place by an upstart? Stay tuned to find out...

The Stomping Fields Season 19 is currently running!

The Stomping Fields Season 19 is now under way. There is no better way to get a taste for all the goodness that the Premier league offers than right here. Collect some bounties, win the league, and get some banners and Iron Deathmarks to show-off and brag about!

The Proving Grounds Season 19 is currently running!

Proving Grounds Season 19 is now under way. There's no better way to get a new fresh team running on the pitch & competing for a chance to show they are ready for the Stomping Fields or the Premier league.

GOBBLN Open League is currently running.

The GOBBLN Open League is now running and accepting teams in BB2. Come take advantage of the opportunity to test your mad skills against other GOBBLN coaches and start building multiple teams up for Standard & Premier at your own leisure and without the pressures of a weekly scheduled match. NOTE: The league is only available to those coaches that have successfully completed at least one season of either Standard or Premier. Also, keep in mind that any team that plays a minimum of 1 match in the Open League will NOT be eligible to play in any other BBATTL hosted event.

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